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Through the GAINS (Groups, Advocacy, & Integrated Network of Services) intervention, we offer an array of psychosocial services to help people with a history of incarceration re-engage with their families and communities. 


The Center has developed the CHATS model, an evidence-based peer-led group support protocol that draws on collectivity and the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to address the challenges of re-entry.



Center participants are engaged in advocacy efforts on behalf of each other, and in societal campaigns to end the prison industrial complex. Participants (clients, volunteers, staff, and clinicians) are trained in, and implement protocols that seek to provide court support, engage with stakeholders (such as probation officers, the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office). 

Integrated Network of Services (through targeted case-management and partnerships

The Center works with a network of service providers to create a safety net for participants as they re-engage with the community. We partner with community-based  entities such as the Community College of Philadelphia, the Mural Arts Program, the Philadelphia Courts, the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, and many others, to connect participants to primary healthcare, housing, educational and employment pathways.

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